Gareth Jadaren was a pirate serving aboard the Orcsblood. In 1460 DR, the Orcsblood attacked a merchant ship and Gareth took a magic bracelet known as the Rythanko from a Githyanki passenger. Unkown to Gareth, the bracelet was linked to an entity named Fandour who was imprisoned in a pocket plane.[1]

Gareth and his shipmate Ivor Beguine became disgusted with the brutality of the Orcsblood's captain and the first mate Helgre and they both jumped ship near Mulmaster. After rowing a small boat to shore, they met two devas, Lakini and Lusk, and gave them the location of the Orcsblood. The devas borrowed Gareth's boat and rowed out to the Orcsblood and slaughtered the crew although Helgre escaped.[1]

While in Mulmaster, Gareth and Ivor met a young apprentice mage named Jandi M'baren. Ivor and Jandi fell in love and the three left Mulmaster to return to Turmish, Gareth's birthland. On the road to Turmish, they chanced upon Giant's Fist, a small extinct volcano near Erlkazar that had been home to a clan of dwarves who had long since abandoned the stronghold.[1]

Gareth believed that Giant's Fist was an ideal location for a home and he convinced Jandi to use her knowledge of warding magic to create impenetrable wards on the mountain. Helgre had tracked Gareth and Ivor to Giant's Fist where she killed Jandi and made it look as though Gareth was responsible. Ivor became Gareth's sworn enemy which is the origin of the animosity between the Jadaren and Beguine merchant clans.[1]


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