The Garrandar family was an noble house of Gontal, and part of the Twelvefold.[1]

They held great political influence in Gontal, specially in Gontal City, were common folk believed the Twelvefold families held incontable treasures in their manors and vaults, and were the true power behind the throne. They controlled most of the commerce in Gontal, as well as many illegal activities.[1]


In 1429 DR, the Garrandars commissioned the construction of a castle in the ruins of Darkturret, a stronghold located on the banks of the River Orlaphar. Since nobody knew anything about the original site, historical records credited the Garrandars for building the place.[2][3]

It is believed the Garradars hid in Darkturret wealth stolen from other Twelvefold families. The other families joined forces and swiftly attacked and destroyed Darkturret in revenge.[2] All members of the Garrandar family were killed shortly thereafter.[3]



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