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Garyx, known also as the All-Destroyer, is the chaotic evil draconic deity of fire, destruction, and renewal. He symbolizes the sheer power and destructive force of dragonkind. Some argue that Garyx is actually insane, as a result of his long occupation of the Windswept Depths of Pandemonium. He appears much like a great wyrm red dragon.


Garyx teaches by example, periodically travelling to the Material Plane to wreak unholy swaths of destruction across the landscape. Those who revere him follow his example, using their power to bring ruin and devestation.

Clergy and TemplesEdit

Garyx pays little or no attention to his clerics and worshipers, but they care not. They believe that he grants them the power to perform acts of destruction, and that is enough. Some druids also revere the renewal aspect of Garyx, knowing that some devestation is always necessary for rejuvenation to occur. Some within the Cult of Ashardalon believe that the great wyrm is actually an avatar of the god Garyx.

Few temples to Garyx are known to exist, though his worshipers often carve his symbol near their handiwork.

Relationships Edit

Garyx shares traits in common with Kord and Erythnul, but has no interest in alliances.

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