The Gate of Iron Fangs was a ruined city in the southwestern tip of the Forest of Amtar. No one really knew who inhabitated and built it since it was already a ruin when the Arkaiuns migrated into this region. The few who explored this ancient site speculated that it might have been a serpent-like race since the ruins showed resemblance to the architecture of Ilimar. The Gate of Iron Fangs got its name from two towers which flanked the rest of its ancient gates. The rest of the city was long ago overgrown by the plants of the forest.[1]


Within the ruined city lived a tribe of gnolls who raided the nearby country and passing caravans. They were well organized and the people suspected that the Swagdar had an alliance with them. But the truth was much more troubling since the real schemer behind all of this was a glabrezu known as Quinix. The gnolls thought of him as a representative of Yeenoghu, and he used them with his other demons to bring more chaos upon the country and maybe even conquer it.[1]



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