Gaumahavi, also called the Purple Dragon, was a unique greater purple dragon from the Hordelands.[2][1]


Outwardly, Gaumahavi looked very similar to an oriental dragon, possessing a long sinuous body that measured well over a hundred feet long.[1]


As the "Great Dragon of the Desert Winds," Gaumahavi had complete control over the wind within a 500 yd. radius of herself, allowing for awesome displays of power.[1]

Her breath weapon was a large cloud of suffocating purple dust.[1]

Gaumahavi could take any shape she desired and could revert to an astral form at will.[1]


Thousands of years in the distant past, Gaumahavi was a pet leopard of Surtava, an Ulgarian prince. Because of her close proximity to the Padhra, she developed her own soul, allowing her to reincarnate herself into different forms including that of the great purple dragon.[1]

During the War of the Purple Dragon, Gaumahavi, along with the army of Solon, sacked the city of Kushk located along the Jumpa River near Ra-Khati.[2]



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