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Gauntlets of the valorous were magical gauntlets that were created for the heroes of Myth Drannor.


These gauntlets were made in a wide variety of appearances, ranging from huge silvery gauntlets that extended to the elbows to five rings for fingers and thumb chain linked by chains to a bracelet.


A single gauntlet of the valorous had the power of a +3 gauntlet. They offered no protective ability, but did not affect spellcasting ability.

Typically, only one gauntlet from a pair was located, but when both were found and used together, an additional spell-like power was possible. These were: chain lightning, flame blade, heal, hold monster, polymorph other, regenerate, repulsion, shocking grasp, stone to flesh or flesh to stone, or telekinesis.

A single gauntlet would fetch around 18,000 gold pieces, but a pair could increase in value up to around 85,000 gold pieces depending on the powers they had.[1]


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