Lord Geiron Hawkwinter was a Royal Corlann of Faerntarn, the royal palace of Queen Zaranda and King Haedrak III. In this role, he maintained the royal quarters.[1]

He was the favorite nephew of Lady Kyrin Hawkwinter, the Countess of Calimmon.[2]


Like his aunt Kyrin, Geiron had a strong will, having even snuck away from home to join Prince Haedrak's army at only twelve years of age.[2]


In the month of Tarsakh, in 1370 DR, Tethyr sent troops to reinforce Trailstone, which had seceded from Amn the previous month.[4] At only 14 years of age, Geiron was sent along with the troops to serve as a scribe and general aide.[2]


Geiron was the son of Jornos Hawkwinter, the twin brother of Kyrin Hawkwinter,[2] making Geiron a grandson of Eremoes Hawkwinter of Waterdeep.[3]

During the Reclamation Wars, Geiron was tutored by the Lady Perendra Raslemtar, from whom he received high praise.[2]

Geiron also sought training in the arcane arts from Gamalon Idogyr, which took some courage on his part, for the lad was afraid of the Court Sage's gem eye.[2]




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