Gelnur Farland was a constable of Cormyr.[1]


Gelnur took care of the prisoners of the remote and secret prison stronghold of Castle Irlingstar in the Thunder Peaks on the eastern border of Cormyr, where the king put traitor nobles, murderers, and agents of Sembia and Westgate.[1]


In 1480 DR, Gelnur went to check the body of the dead seneschal Marthin Avathnar and ordered an investigation into the murder.

Later, Gelnur asked his subordinate constables Anglur Traelshun and Bradraer Delloak about possible security violations.

Some time after Gelnur discovered also the death or disappearance of a squad of War Wizard of Cormyr.

Later he met Arclath Delcastle and Amarune Whitewave, sent by King Foril Obarskyr I.

Quickly later arrived also Nostyn Vandur, claiming to be a special inspector sent by the king to investigate about the death of the seneschal but Gelnur no trusted him.

Later Nostyn together with Duth Gulkanun and Imbrult Longclaws tried to stop Gelnur, Lord Delcastle and Amarune; in the fighting Nostyn was killed but soon Gelnur made an agreement with Gulkanun.

Later Elminster Aumar, possessing the body of a drow priestess, infiltrated the castle and joined the meeting. Later Gelnur died in the same manner than seneschal Avathnar.[1]


Gelnur was a secret acquaintance of War Wizard Glathra Barcantle.[1]


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