A low-ranking member of the Guard of the city of Tantras in the Vast was a man-at-arms.[1][2][3] [note 1]


Regular soldiers of the Guard were outfitted in blue oiled plate mail armor emblazoned with the coat of arms of Tantras: three silver stars over a silver breaking wave on a field of royal blue, called the "blue and silver". They carried spears, short swords, and daggers. Some, crossbowmen, could carry light crossbows.[1][2][3]


These soldiers patrolled in units of fourteen, led by a sergeant.[1][2][3]



  1. It is not clear what name to give a member of the Guard of this level. The term "man-at-arms" has been adopted based on the description in the Tantras adventure module. The term "warrior" is similarly possible from both the module and the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (2nd edition).


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