The Genies' Garden was a small valley found just north of the Great Anvil in Zakhara.[1][2][3]


The valley was sheltered by the rough folds of an unnamed mountain that lay between the Furrowed Mountains in the west and the southern fringes of the World Pillar Mountains to the north.[1][2][3]


The Genies' Garden remained quite cool throughout the day, especially when compared to the blistering heat of the nearby Great Anvil.[1]

The entire valley was dominated by towering rock spires made from red sandstone, forming narrow channels through the mountains. The spires and arches quickly absorbed any sounds within the valley.[1]

An abundance of shade created by the spires allowed water to pool along the valley floor, providing areas suitable for vegetation to grow.[1]


As the name implied, the Genies' Garden was home to several dangerous genies and other, unenlightened monsters, making it a dangerous place to visit.[1]



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