Gera was a villager of Highcliff on the Sword Coast North in the 1370s DR.


Gera was first found in Weeping Willow Inn, where asked of Kalach-Cha to rescue her husband, Zachan. Once Zachan is rescued, both of them head for Highcliff.

The second time Gera is found is in Highcliff, where she and her huband worry about their sons, Alex and Andrew. If the boys were saved from wolves at Highcliff Castle, Zachan admits he told his sons stories to give them more confidence. Nevertheless, he and his wife would reward the Kalach-Cha.

The last time Gera is found is on the way to Highcliff once the King of Shadows made his attack. Zachan and Gera would thank the Kalach-Cha and explain what is going on in Highcliff. They were never seen again.[1]



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