Geran Hulmaster is a powerful human swordmage who was born into the ruling family of Hulburg on the coast of the Moonsea. Geran was formerly a member of the adventuring group The Company of the Dragon Shield. After retiring from adventuring, Geran partnered with a Ghostwise halfling named Hamil to form the Red Sail trading coster in Tantras. Geran left his position with the Red Sail coster to study sword magic in Myth Drannor under the tutelage of the Gold Elven swordmaster Daried Selsherryn. He was banished permanently from Myth Drannor in 1477 DR for maiming an Elven wizard named Rhovann in a duel over the affections of a moon elf maiden. [1]

When Rhovann seized power in Hulburg, Geran was exiled to Thentia with the rest of the Hulmaster clan. Geran engaged in several clandestine missions to destabilize Rhovann's rule and was captured by Rhovann while attempting to infiltrate Hulburg. As retribution for his maiming at Geran's hand, Rhovann disolved Geran's right hand with magical acid. Geran was rescued by his friends Sarth Khul Riizar, Hamil and Miyra who travelled with him to the Shadowfell to destroy the magical device Rhovann used to animate his golems. Geran later slew Rhovann in a battle at Griffonwatch castle and took Rhovann's magical silver hand to replace the hand Rhovann destroyed. With Rhovann dead and the golems disabled, the Hulmasters were able to retake control of Hulburg.

Geran is the cousin of Kara Hulmaster, the current regent of Hulburg.

Physical descriptionEdit

Geran stands six foot two, and has shoulder length brown hair cut short in the front.


Geran Hulmaster wields a Myth Drannan backsword that he earned in service to the Coronal of Myth Drannor. He has also wielded the sword "Umbrach Nyth", which was created for Geran by King Aesperus during his raid on Griffonwatch to dispatch of the runehelms that were created by Rhovann Disarnyll. The sword itself was a double-edged broadsword with a blade of an unknown black metal. The hilt was wrapped in dark pebbled leather, and its pommel was a flat disk in which small glyphs were inscribed around a large onyx gemstone. It is a sword forged of shadow and meant to dispose creatures of shadow. Geran also has a lightly enchanted suit of leather armor.[citation needed]


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