Ghaelya is a watersoul genasi from Airspur. She was born into a wealthy family and had a twin sister. Unlike the other members of her family who manifested fire, she manifested the element of water.[1]

In 1479 DR, Ghaelya's sister, Tessaeril, became involved with a cult known as The Choir. The cult later kidnapped Tessaeril and took her to their shrine in Tohrepur. Ghaelya hired a half-elf named Brindani to guide her to Tohrepur and he enlisted the help of an old mercenary friend named Uthalion and his companion Vaasurri who lived in the Spur Forest. The four travelled to Tohrepur where they slew Lord Kahult, the leader of The Choir. Unfortunately, Tessaeril had been transformed into an aberration by a Spellplague changed sirine and Ghaelya was forced to kill her sister to end her suffering.[1]


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