Ghaulantatra was a white dragon ghost who fought for ownership of her home lair against the Cult of the Dragon and Thaluul, a beholder ghost.[1]


The ghost looked to have the general shape of an enormous white dragon, but made of pale white mist.[1]


Ghaulantatra thought she was a god, and as such, gathered a small following in the Sandskull orc tribe of the Fallen Lands. The tribe, like others in the area, seemed to follow more from fear than faith. Generally, she killed weaker creatures, but occasionally she granted others some of her treasure or magic as a show of her generosity.[2]


She gained prominence during the Dracorage when, as most of the Cult of the Dragon was dealing with Sammaster, a portion made a deal with Old Mother. They brought her treasure, and she used her power and influence to gain control of numerous orc tribes in the area. This deal gave the Cult a hold in the region.[2]


Most of the Cult was okay with the deal, but some worked to get rid of the Old Mother by satisfying her greed and dismissing her spirit. The Cult hoped to move a living dragon into the lair. Another enemy was the ghost of the beholder Thaluul. The beholder was responsible for killing Ghaulantatra and she in return for killing it. The two were chained to the lair and locked in eternal battle to oust the other.[2]





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