Ghazrim DuLoc was the Zhentarim's main representative in Mantol-Derith during the Rage of Demons[as of when?].[1]


Ghazrim was born to a wealthy family in Amn. In later life, he joined the Zhentarim and was appointed as their representative in the crucial garrison of Mantol-Derith.

During the Rage of Demons, he was the only bulwark against the chaos spreading in the trading post, with duergar and deep gnomes making war on each other and the drow ready to seize total control of the place. However, the drow representative Sirak Mazelor needed Ghazrim's approval of her plan in order to act.[1]


Ghazrim had the typically smarmy demeanor of the Amnian aristocracy coupled with a biting sense of humor that he used to diffuse tense situations. He liked a good battle but not with superior enemy troops.[1]


Ghazrim had with Lorthuun, the leading beholder of the garrison, a relationship like that of a married couple, bickering and insulting each other but knowing both were loyal to the Black Network.[1]


Ghazrim possessed a very rare magical gold ring fitted with a star ruby that could guide the ring's wearer along the safest and shortest route to Gravenhollow.[1]




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