The Ghearufu was a set of magic items, consisting of a golden-edged mirror on a gold chain that could be hung around the neck and a pair of mismatched gloves, one white and one black.[1]


Not much was known about the Ghearufu's history. The magical items were believed to have been created on the lower planes millennia before the 14th century DR.[2] The last wielder of the items was the assassin known as Ghost, who had the items in his possession for three centuries.[citation needed]

The items were destroyed by the great red dragon Fyrentennimar at the behest of Cadderly Bonaduce.[2]


The magic of the Ghearufu let the wielder switch bodies with their target, transferring their soul and mind to the other's body while the victim's soul and mind went to the wielder's body.

The wielder had to have the victim look into the mirror of the set, so they could then establish a psychic link with the victim and take over their body. The magical items transferred with the wielder to the new body.[citation needed]




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