Ghont Tavvas was one of the Boar's Heads of the Order of the Blue Boar, a mercenary recruitment organization in Amn.[1]


Lord Tavvas was a distinguished man who was rarely seen out of his blue uniform. In 1358 DR, he was the oldest member of the Boar's Heads, being nearly 90 years old. His mind was still sharp, even at that age, and he was proud.[1]


Ghont was a leading member of the Order of the Blue Boar who offered strategic advice. In his younger days, he was a great warrior and led infantry companies into battle. As an older man, he hired others to lead his troops.[1]


Ghont was distantly related to some of the members of the Lions' Dynasty'of Tethyr, but he kept this matter a secret, because he was exiled from that kingdom at the end of the 12th century DR for being involved in a brief succession war.[1]



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