The Ghost Knight of Galardoun was a wandering apparition that appeared in various locations throughout the heartlands of Faerûn. Several cults sprang up to venerate the apparition including the True Ghost Knight Faithful in Waterdeep.


The ghost appeared as a crude great helm illuminated from the inside by a bluish-green glow. The helm usually hovered at a height of about seven feet.[1]


There were two competing theories on the nature of the Ghost Knight. One theory held that the creature was the ghost of an undead hunting paladin, while the other theory claimed the helm was animated by magic.[1]


The Ghost Knight was known to guide lost travelers to safety and also to lead adventurers to hidden crypts. The ghost was claimed to attack undead and the great mage Elminster believed the apparition fed on the essence of the undead.[1]


The ghost first appeared near the abandoned village of Galardoun between Scornubel and Triel around 1420 DR. It haunted the general vicinity for about twenty years, after which it began to wander widely with sightings in Waterdeep, Marsember and Sembia. It was even reported as far away as Amn and Tethyr.[1]


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