Ghost armor was a conjuration spell that improved on the armor spell by creating an aura of protection around the recipient.[1]


This spell could be cast by touch on one creature of any size up to Huge. Ghost armor created a translucent aura around the target that made it appear that he or she was wearing ghostly plate mail over their real clothing or armor, and it afforded the same protection as plate mail. If the recipient was already wearing armor (magical or otherwise) equal to or better than plate mail, this spell had no effect except in altering appearance. Magical bonuses on armor being worn did not stack with this spell.[1]

The ghost armor lasted one minute per experience level of the caster, and was a weightless and completely unencumbering magical force, immune to rust, heat metal, and similar effects that affect metal.[1]


Verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell, and the material component was a scrap of real battle-worn armor.[1]


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