Ghost mounts were horrifying creatures who wander in the desert and has help lost travelers but for a special fee: those who agree to go with this creatures, themselves become ghosts. These ghosts have two forms their true form and illusory. Their real form is a transparent outline, of what they were in life (horse, camel, or antelope) They often look very badly rotting skeletons with big wounds. Often to hide their real form they use powerful illusory spells.


A ghost mount can attack the enemy with hooves or teeth, but often prefer to persuade the enemy to ride it, and then suck out all of his life energy. Some wise people may rebel by these spirits and their magic and jump before the spirit rush glop in the open desert, where invariably kill his victim. It is very difficult to subdue these spirits, but still if managed, the person can get the spirit to do whatever he wants at any time summon him. They are not affected by many spells such as sleep, charm, hold, death, and cold-based magic. Killing the ghost also allows the use of the spells of raise the dead or resurrection. These ghosts literally hover above the ground, so they are not afraid of changes in the relief well they do not get tired and they do not need water or food. Many riders often use this feature to travel very long distances in any weather.


In the Main Ghost mounts. It is animal spirits which in life brutally handled and for this they are taking revenge by killing people. These ghosts can also be called a magician for their own purposes. Often, these spirits join in herd of animals in the hope of finding the victims.


Ghost mounts live not like as sentient beings they do not eat, do not sleep, and do not require rest. Because of these abilities Zakhara magicians often use them.





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