A ghost of eventide was a rogue who had chosen to fight the forces of the revived Netherese Empire around 1479 DR. Learning to use the very shadows that protected and enshrouded Netheril, ghosts of eventide were members of a loosely bound organization whose aim was, above all else, the defeat of Netheril. Silent and deadly killers, "ghosts of death" were often motivated by a sense of vengeance or righteous rage, choosing to fight evil with death and dealing little mercy against their most hated enemies.[1]


In order to face off against the powerful forces of Netheril, ghosts of eventide learned quickly to shield themselves with shadow and other methods of concealment. Even inexperienced ghosts of eventide learned to do this in an instant in moments of peril, diving out of sight just in time to avoid a deadly blow. So well-attuned to stealth were ghosts of eventide that they were exceptionally capable combatants while concealed, far more so than in the open. Experienced ghosts of eventide even became so used to hiding themselves that they could easily see through similar attempts by others, striking with deadly accuracy in spite of an enemy's concealment.[1]

Ghosts of eventide learned to use similar techniques through their exploits. Twilight escape was a simple trick that ghosts of eventide used to slip out from under an enemy assault. Robed in shadow was more advanced but followed the same principle, allowing a ghost of eventide to strike hard and then disappear from sight, almost as if invisible.[1]


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