The ghours are a race of demons in the service of (and possibly/probably created by) the demon lord Baphomet; whom is best known as the patron of minotaurs. They are an uncategorized species of demon; not belonging to either the tanar'ri, obyrith or loumara demonic subcategories. These monstrosities work their master's will among the minotaurs, ogres and renegade giants that serve him.


Ghours are 20-foot tall humanoid creatures that resemble a cross between an oversized ogre and a minotaur. Its hide is thick and hairy, its features bestial, and its body powerfully muscled. It has cloven hooves in place of feet; and two enormous horns jut forwards from its skull.


Ghours charge into combat like rampaging elephants, pummeling opponents with their fists and goring them with their horns. Ghours have a breath weapon in the form of a cloud of noxious gas they can breathe once per minute. They can also bellow an ear-splitting roar that stuns and deafens nearby opponents. Whenever possible, ghours like to enter combat with a roar, blast of their breath weapon, or both.


Ghours can be found among any group of chaotic evil giants, ogres or minotaurs. These creatures view a ghour's presence as a sign of Baphomet's great pleasure.

In the RealmsEdit

A tribe of ogres in the Ice Spire mountains, north of Citadel Adbar and west of Anauroch, worships Baphomet with great devotion. These ogres are larger and stronger than their common cousins and in recent years have been more active than ever before. Rangers and sages suspect that the cause of this increased activity is the presence of a ghour in their midst. There are also reports, increasing in frequency, that a ghour has appeared among an ogre tribe in Thar, gathering various tribes under his banner with promises of restoring the ancient glory of the ogre kingdom.