Ghunnis was a locathah of Tiger Coral tribe in Serôs in 1370 DR.[1]


Ghunnis was very hard-nosed and unforgiving in her outlook. She no liked the Myth Nantar's mythal for it unnatural effects on watery environment but can excepted it because Myth Nantar was a beacon of tolerance. Her beliefs were always extreme, so either all was right with the world or all was headed for certain doom unless Ghunnis and Kharal act. Ghunnis hated slavery with passion.[1]


Ghunnis and Kharal lived with their tribe in the Hmur Plateau.

In 1370 DR were reported activities of kuo-toa slavers in nearby area so gunnies and Kharal were sent to resolve the problem. Inside the kuo-toa's cavern they met some surface dwellers.[1]




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