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The Giant's Run Mountains were a range of mountains west of the Vilhon Reach in the Shining Plains. They were an outpost for the gold dwarves as of 1372 DR.[1]


The mountains were the northern part of the greater Iltkazar Range, which extended all the way to the Shining Sea in the south.[2]

Within the range lay Mount Dodild, beneath which the city of Cairnheim was located.[3]


According to dwarven legend, the mountains were named after a battle near the end of the Giant Wars known as the Fall of Karlyn's Vale.[4]

By 1369 DR, the Twisted Rune had placed a magical gate in the area to allow for instantaneous movement to other locations.[5]


As well as goblins and ogres,[6] the emerald dragon Behrshimmer made its lair in the range.[3][7] At least one mine in the mountains was abandoned when tunnels breached the Underdark, releasing drow, illithids and worse into the area.[8]

Notable LocationsEdit

Breakback Pass 
This pass in the mountains faced the famous Wailing Dwarf of the Troll Mountains.[9]



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