Giant-kin were large humanoids related to the true giants. Any race that could trace its lineage back to Othea's relationship with Ulutiu could be considered giant-kin.[1] The mother of all giants, Othea, cheated on her husband Annam All-Father, the father of giants, with Ulutiu, producing the firbolgs, fomorians, verbeegs, and the voadkyn.[2] All true giants considered these types of giant-kin evil because of this act of unfaithfulness.[3]


Despite the usual reluctance of giant-kin to interact with other giant-kin species, the coming of the Twilight Spirit increased the activity of true giant tribes in the Ice Spires, leading to concerns among giant-kin for their own protection, and some resulting cooperation between the species.[4]


A typical giant-kin pregnancy was nine months, and the offspring took around eighteen years to reach maturity.[5]


Giant-kin did not generally associate with different types of giant-kin.[4] Within their own tribes, they were bound by the ordning (except firbolgs), and when they did interact with other giant species, they were ranked below all others, except ogres.[6] Most giant-kin were under the impression that one day, they would be accepted back into "true giant" society and be accepted by their half-brothers.[4]

Main types of giant-kinEdit

Other typesEdit

The ogres were created during Othea's affair with Vaprak, and as a result were despised as giant-kin by true giants. Cyclopes and cyclopskin were of unknown descent but were believed to be the product of another of Othea's affairs.[1]


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