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The giant language, called Jotun by those who speak it, is the ancient language of most giants.[1] It is one of the oldest active languages. It is believed that the language shares some of its roots with Common and Thorass.[2]


Modern Giant was written with Dethek runes.[3]


Giant is derived from the Primordial language.[4]


There are several languages and dialects based on Giant that have evolved from it.

This is the patois spoken by ogres.[5]
Similar enough to Jotun to be reasonably understood, this language has not changed in thousands of years and is used formally in ceremonies.[2]
Spoken by hill and mountain giants, and closely related to Jotunise.[2]
Spoken by fire giants.[2]
Spoken by frost giants and closely related to Jotunhaug.[2]
The language used by cloud and fog giants.[2]
Spoken by stone giants.[2]
Spoken by storm giants.[2]


A lot of the words of the Giant language come from the languages of Scandinavia. For example: "Alv" is the direct word for "elf" in Scandinavia as well as "det" with the exact same meaning. Translation is complicated by the loss of the Scandanavian letters "Å", "Ä", and "Ö"; some of them lose their meaning for automated translation and gain another.[6]

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