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Gibbering mouthers were unnatural aberrations, nightmarish blobs of mouths and eyes.[3]


These bizarre creatures appeared as large blobs composed entirely of mouths and eyes. When the eyes and mouths were closed, the gibbering mouther resembled a large lump of earth.[1]


Gibbering mouthers liked to ambush prey by remaining still until their prey was within striking range.[1]

The most vulnerable area on a gibbering mouther was the brain, which was located near the center of its mass and could move around, making it difficult to strike.[1]

Gibbering mouthers could use a special babbling attack that had the same effect as the confusion spell. This attack assaulted potential prey every few moments, making it more difficult for them to resist.[1]

Spit from a gibbering mouther would explode with a bright flash once it struck any surface, easily blinding targets for several minutes.[1]

A gibbering mouther was able to attack with six different mouths at a time. Each mouth had a chance to latch on to the victim and begin draining their energy.[1]

Every victim consumed by a gibbering mouther added another mouth and pair of eyes to the mass of the beast's body. Only living prey would work for this.[1]

The ground around a gibbering mouther was turned into a thick liquid state, making it extremely difficult to assault the mouther at a close range.[1]


Gibbering mouthers were sometimes found in Zakhara.[1]

Gibbering mouthers reproduced by asexual fission. They would split their amorphous bodies down the middle whenever they had consumed enough nutrients to support two bodies. The mouther would hide in a secure area while performing this process since it could take up to four hours. Once split, the two mouthers would move away from each other.[1]

These creatures were never found near others of their kind. Some sages believed that bringing two gibbering mouthers together would cause them to join, creating a larger mouther.[1]


Gibbering mouthers were not natural creatures. Usually, they were the creation of foul sorcery. Wizards and cults often used them as guardians.[1]

Swamps were their preferred habitat in the wild.[1]


In 1367 DR, during the Living Gem Wars, the wizard Shond Tharovin was cursed by the archmage Yoond ShalShymmyr and permanently changed into an immense (over twelve-miles-long[4]) gibbering mouther, sacrificing his life to do so. Shond vowed revenge and left his city of Schamedar to enter the ocean.[5][6] Shond eventually settled on the Singing Rocks in the Trackless Sea, where he planned the demise of his enemies.[4]




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