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Gildenglade was a settlement in the forest area at the foot of the Aphrunn Mountains in Turmish. This city was the second-largest within Turmish, composed of dwarves, elves, and half-elves living together in harmony. Its economy was based primarily upon woodcutting and mining.[1]


The elves of the community served as rulers, their skill with preservation allowing them to handle negotiations with the Emerald Enclave. They also were used as a woodcutting force, but they enjoyed their work and were not mistreated. [2] Dwarves of the city mainly concentrated on mining the unusually pure veins of gold underneath Gildenglade. Half-elves served as the physical labor force for their kin's forrestry efforts. [1]

Recent HistoryEdit

Given the amount of wealth in Gildenglade, it is not surprising that tales of treasure had arisen over the years. By chance, a few of these rumors had been given credence. The most recent occurred when a visitor to Gildenglade followed a phantom who traversed the streets with sacks of gold. The specter turned out to be a crimson death, with the greedy tourist quickly becoming the creature's meal. Other crimson deaths had been seen roaming the area around the forested settlement.[1]


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