Gilfron Milon was a merchant in the Moonsea in 1489 DR.


Gilfron was a friendly and pleasant individual. However, knowing that the roads were dangerous, he was cautious with every stranger. He pretended to be of a higher class than he was, pretending to speak with a false educated air.


Gilfron was a merchant of tools and lumber from Quivering Forest, traveling along the Iron Route that connected all Moonsea's cities. He had many dealings with Lords' Alliance.


In 1489 DR, leading a small caravan from Hillsfar to Phlan, he met an adventuring party hired to investigate rumors of dracoliches and ghost ships wandering the area. Gilfron directed them to a suspicious island ferry.


Gilfron had a ten-year-old son Gilmont Milon who always traveled with him after his wife died of fever in around 1486 DR.[1]




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