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Gilgeam, the God-king of Unther, is a deceased demigod and former leader of the Untheric pantheon. He was known for his jealousy, cruelty and pride. A former intermediate deity, he was reduced to the state of demigod after the Time of Troubles due to his centuries-long abuse of his followers.[1][2]


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Gilgeam was a son of Enlil,[3] and thus a brother of Enki.

Gilgeam has had a long and contentious relationship with Tiamat, their avatars having battled with each other numerous times. They have both sought power and influence in Unther, with Tiamat ultimately proving the victor.[4]


In -1071 DR, Gilgeam and his pantheon marched to war against the deities of the orc pantheon in a cataclysmic conflict that saw the death of many gods. During the final Battle of the Gods, Tiamat launched a surprise attack against Gilgeam; the ever-vigilant Marduk intervened, sacrificing his life to kill Tiamat and save the God-king. Gilgeam grew increasingly tyrannical after this and the people of Unther never forgot the Nemesis of the Gods.[5]

In 1346 DR an aspect of Tiamat known as the Dark Lady was summoned, increasing the ranks of her followers and completing her ascension to demigod.[6] She sought to overthrow Gilgeam over the next dozen years resulting in the fomention of rebellion throughout Unther. This conflict culminated during the Time of Troubles with Gilgeam destroying Tiamat, seemingly putting an end to her threat towards his eternal rule. In truth, however, Tiamat's essence was splintered among three powerful dragons in the region. The largest of the three, Tchazzar, consumed the other two, thereby transformed into Tiamat anew. Eventually Gilgeam was slain during a battle with the reborn Tiamat that almost destroyed Unthalass,[2] throwing Unther into chaos and dissolving the whole Untheric pantheon.[3]

On Nightal 26 1486 DR, Gilgeam and his people returned from Abeir to Toril. The Father of Victory, who had an alliance with Graz'zt, marched immediately against Djerad Thymar to reclaim the lands of Unther from Tymanther.[7]


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The Untheric Pantheon

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