Girdles of Priestly Might were magical items that could be found in Halruaa.[1]


These items only appeared after the Time of Troubles. Halruaans believed this to be a clear sign that their goddess Mystra had finally regained her powers. The existence of these items was one of the reasons that the worship of Azuth did not gain more support from Halruaa.[1]


Each girdle was marked with a symbol of good or evil that was bonded to its front. Someone attempting to wear a girdle that opposed the true nature of their heart was cursed, effectively blocking that priest from receiving all but the most basic spells from their god or goddess until an atonement spell was cast upon them.[1]


Three versions of this magical item existed:[1]

  • Girdle of Priestly Might
  • Girdle of Priestly Warding
  • Girdle of Holy Might

Girdle of Priestly MightEdit

This item imbued the wearer with the physical strength of a fierce warrior and helped protect them against attacks.[1]

Girdle of Priestly WardingEdit

In addition to the powers granted by the Girdle of Priestly Might, this girdle protected the wearer against evil or good.[1]

Girdle of Holy MightEdit

This girdle granted the powers of the previous two girdles while also granting the wearer the ability to use the word of recall spell once per month.[1]

Appendix Edit


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