Gisen, known in Kozakura as Kuang, was an exiled prince of T'u Lung in 1358 DR.[1]


Gisen was born in the royal court of T'u Lung as the third son of the emperor, tutored by the great sword master Tong Fu Mei.[1]

One day, during a sea trip disguised as a trader captain, he saved a girl from pirates and discovered after falling in love with her that she was the princess of Shou Lung, the eternal rival of T'u Lung. They loved each other in secret for some time until the traveling minstrel Tam Nong Hikong used their story as the subject of one of her songs. Soon, the Shou Emperor deduced the truth, the princess was exiled far away, and her eldest brother sent assassins against Gisen. Gisen escaped thanks to Tong and started wandering to Kozakura and Wa, hoping to find powerful allies for his cause.[1]

In disguise as a young eastern physician, Kuang, he met Doin Sanehiro and The Wanderer just after the Battle of Kiroshima and became his companion in the fight against Jinchin.[1] After the conclusion of that adventure, Gisen decided to to back to T'u Lung to fight for his princess.[2]


Gisen was an impatient individual, always acting before thinking, and despite having his goal in mind he was terrible in the realization. However, he was charming, clever, and fanciful. Gisen had a talent for disguise. His biggest weakness was his arrogance.[1]



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