Glaragama Dunrohiyr was a female wizard and archmage from Calaunt in the Vast, of the 13th century DR.[1]


Glaragama originally came from Calaunt in the Vast.

She disguised herself as a man when she apprenticed to the wizard Sharabirt of Calimport. When Sharabirt died, apparently of natural causes, she became the apprentice of Rrestel of Athkatla. She finally revealed her true appearance and nature when she killed a wizard known as Dardren of Memnon and stole all his magic.

In her time, Glaragama made herself known as a rogue wizard who killed twenty fellow archmages. She killed the last quite openly, then calmly named and vowed to kill four more.

At this point, the Magister Inhil Lauthdryn reluctantly decided to bring Glaragama to justice, or destroy her. He went alone to the lands of the Vast after both her[1] and Muaralygrym the Dark.[2] What happened next was a mystery. A trap had been set for Inhil, and other, unidentified parties were involved. Nevertheless, Inhil battled both foes.[3] Lauthdryn defeated Muaralygrym at the cost of his own life, falling somewhere close to Ravens Bluff, between the city and the mountains.[2] Later, upon a burned and blasted knoll, the ashes of one of Inhil's staffs were discovered. Some believed that Glaragama had possessed some means of summoning many dragons and that they'd swooped and unleashed all their dragon-breaths upon Inhil. It was also thought that Inhil had used a spell that bound Glaragama to himself, so that she suffered the same doom from wherever she'd stood.[1]



  • There is a noticeable contradiction in the published lore regarding Inhil Lauthdryn's fate, with similar events but different foes. See "Inhil Lauthdryn" for details. By extension, Glaragama's fate is made even more unclear.
  • The issue was confirmed as a deliberate mystery by Ed Greenwood, who explained "Quite a bit more of interest still to be revealed, but to reassure scribes for the nonce, it is the same Lauthdryn fighting in both, there was a trap, others as yet unrevealed were involved…"[3]
  • Based on this information, this article attempts to present the most likely sequence of events, in a merged account, though the accuracy is unclear.


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