Lord of the Sixth, Glasya is a Princess of the Nine Hells. She is noted as one of the most powerful and influential of the female devils and for being the daughter of Asmodeus.[citation needed]


Adorned in priceless jewelry, silks, and other finery, this humanlike creature is the vision of beauty—except for her copper skin, wings, forked tail, and horns that betray her true nature.[1]


Glasya is a minor patron of corruption, growth, and agony. She has a small following of priests and cultists.[citation needed]


Glasya was once Mammon's favoured consort. However, this relationship changed when Mammon sided against Asmodeus in the Reckoning. Mammon slunk back to the Lord of Hell and Glasya was taken from him and appointed Queen of the erinyes, a position she absolutely despised. Since becoming Lord of the Sixth, Glasya has had a thriving friendship with Fierna, which frightens Belial as his 'loving' daughter may believe she no longer has any use for her manipulative father.

Up until very recently, Malbolge was a layer tilted, a place of sliding scree and tumbling rock, its eternal slope nearly impossible to navigate. The pitch suited the unlikely Lord, the Hag Countess. She was unlike any other, not being baatezu, nor even a devil for that matter. But her time has passed and now Glasya, daughter of Asmodeus, reigns as Duchess of the Sixth.

Glasya, unlike Bel, did not take the layer by force of arms. The Hag Countess, former ruler of Malbolge, was obsessed with gaining true divinity. After her attempted apotheosis went terribly wrong, the Hag began to grow and grow all at an uncontrollable rate. Her growth caused the layer to level as her bloated form encompassed her entire domain, effectively destroying the countess and ending her reign. With the Hag Countess no longer a concern, Glasya arrived on a palanquin carried by a multitude of lesser devils and took control of Malbolge. To decorate her new home, Glasya used the best materials at hand: the Hag Countess herself. Now that Glasya has risen to the rank of archdevil, she has incredible power and influence. The other Lords fear her, suspecting the move as a bid to consolidate Asmodeus’s control over the Nine Hells. But Glasya has plots and plans of her own. She detests Levistus and wants revenge for her mother’s death. Glasya employs paeliryons to monitor her nemesis’s actions and gather some proof to gain her father’s approval to destroy the archdevil for good. Before ascending to become the new Lord of the Sixth, Glasya traveled to the Prime Material Plane to establish several cults. Most of her followers are inexperienced, young, and very naive. Glasya recruits young adults, full of life and vigor, curious and willing to experiment. For now, it is their duty to recruit new members, but they suspect something new is imminent and wait with bated breath to receive their next instructions.[2]






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