Glenna Moonsmith was a dwarf innkeeper and tavern owner in the Moonsea.[1]


Glenna managed the inn and tavern called the Plodding Plow, in the village of The Stop.[1]


During the Rage of Demons in 1491 DR, some of her farmer customers told Glenna about an attack by a new tribe of goblins. After Arduro and Doster, two human workers, told her that the Arcrus farm had just been attacked, Glenna hired an adventuring party who happened to be in her tavern to go to investigate.[1]


Glenna was a charming and outgoing individual with a good heart. She preferred dealing with locals than with merchants. Glenna knew she was soft-hearted but noted that scared people often told the truth with few embellishments.[1] Glenna lived in fear to be arrested by officials of Hillsfar and never wanted speak about that city.[2]




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