Glevith was a criminal in Phlan during the Tyranny of Dragons.


Glevith did not like the established powers and always fought for the good of the lower class. He enjoyed being seen as a hero of the people for his role fighting against the cultists.


Glevith was a mid-level member of the Welcomer crime syndicate in Phlan. He also had a number of contacts outside the organization, like Aya Glenmiir. He rarely worked with the Harpers.

In 1489 DR, during the Cult of the Dragon's coup in the city, he became one of the leaders of the resistance against the cultists. Glevith helped some adventurers to perform missions against the cult and even assigned to them a mission ordered by the Harpers.[1] Later he recruited an adventuring party to stop an cultist contingent led by Ixusaxa Terrorsong outside Phlan.[2]




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