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Glory of the martyr was a divine abjuration spell for paladins that granted a protective ward to multiple subjects, transferring some of their wounds to the spellcaster and healing them if the caster should die.[2][1] Although created by Ilmater, the Crying God, and used by his faithful, the spell spread to paladins of other faiths.[2]


The spell could be cast by paladins—originally only those of Ilmater, but later of other faiths.[2][3] It could also be cast by champions of Gwynharwyf.[1]


The glory of the martyr spell functioned like an advanced version of the shield other spell, in that it worked on multiple recipients.[2][1] Like shield other, it warded the recipients against harm and forged a mystical link between them and the caster, transferring half of their wounds to the caster.[1][4]

Furthermore, if the caster of glory of the martyr died while it was still active, then the spell ended in a burst of positive energy that healed the linked recipients.[2][1]


To function, the spell required each subject and the caster to wear a platinum ring, valued at 50 gp or more. These served as a focus.[1][4]


The glory of the martyr spell originated among the faithful of Ilmater, and was created by the Crying God himself. However, it since spread to paladins of other faiths.[3]

A paladin of Ilmater once prayed for glory of the martyr to protect his allies in the midst of a battle with skeleton warriors.[3]


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