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Glouroth was a mature adult Shadow dragon that resided in the Deep Wastes between the Lake of Shadows and Maerimydra.[1] He made his lair in the Wailing Cliff, an odd place where the Plane of Shadow bled into the Material Plane. [3]


Ever slinking in the darkness of his lair, Glouroth generally cloaks himself in shadows to mask his appearance.[1]


Beneath a veneer of charm and serenity Glouroth is a being of roiling hatred and rage. When conversing with others the shadow dragon murmurs soothing platitudes in a hissing whisper, all the while consumed with thoughts of gore and death.[1]


In his younger years Glouroth dallied with a group of Kir-lanans, even managing to father a daughter from them in the form of the Half-dragon, Phaikkul.[1]

In 1372 DR, drow refugees from the beseiged city of Maerimydra called upon an ancient pact they had with the dragon to grant them safe passage past the Wailing Cliff.[3]



Although Glouroth lived with two groups of Kir-lanan, who both payed homage to him in certain ways, he took little notice of them beyond the offerings the occasionaly brought him.[1]


As the lair of Glouroth resided upon the main route between the city of Maerimydra and the drow outpost of Szith Morcane, this meant that they had to come to a certain number of arrangements concerning their realtionship. This took the form of a pact which meant the drow could garner free passage from both the the kir-lanans and Glouroth through the Wailing Cliff. In addition, priestesses of Lolth knew a further stipulation of the pact that meant they could speak a code word to the shadow dragon telling him "I am a captive, please destroy my captors".[3]



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