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The gnome hooked hammer was a two-handed exotic melee weapon.


The gnome hooked hammer had a relatively short haft with a hammer on one end and a sharp-pointed hook (curved only slightly more than a pick) on the other. An average gnome hooked hammer cost 20 gp and weighed 6 lbs (2.7 kg).[1]


Because of the two heads, this weapon could deal either bludgeoning or piercing damage. The gnome hooked hammer was considered a double weapon that could be used as if the wielder were fighting with two separate weapons at the same time, as long as it was wielded two-handed. If used in a one-handed fashion it was treated like a light hammer or a pick, depending on which head was used. The hooked end could be used to trip opponents. Gnomes favored this hammer, because for them it was a martial weapon; for everyone else it was considered exotic.[1]


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