The Gods of the Pantheon, sometimes just called Pantheon for short, were a group of five deities who were worshiped within the Zakharan Cities of the Pantheon to the exclusion of all other faiths. The deities were Hajama, Jauhar, Kor, Najm, and Selan, and they were considered the only enlightened and Great Gods (including Jauhar, who was considered a local deity by the rest of Zakhara).[1]

In addition to the tenets of these gods, unity—especially internal unity against outsiders—was the main ideal of this combined faith. Believers in the Gods of the Pantheon were also known for their will to proselytize members of other faiths, leading to strong suspicions against Pantheists outside of the League.[1]

The common symbol of the Gods of the Pantheon was a Pentagon.[2]



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