Gok'llak was a male grimlock barbarian who served the mind flayer, Quthnorak, in Vournoth's Mire during the Silence of Lolth.[1]


Considered a fine example of his kind, Gok'llak was an enormously muscular grimlock. A thick mane of black hair clung to his head and tough grey skin covered his body. His particularly large ears were adorned with a mix of rings and gemstones.[1]


While under the thrall of Quthnorak, Gok'llak would readily carry out his master's will, even until death.[1]


Strong and very tough even for a grimlock, Gok'llak was a particularly powerful barbarian. Chosen as Quthnorak's only thrall due to his martial prowess, the grimlock wasn't dependent on light, owing to his natural blindness, and wielded his battleaxe to great effect during his frenzied battle style.[1][2]


Gok'llak wore a set of hide armor +2 and a pair of bracers of health +2, both of which made him even tougher. In battle, the grimlock wielded a keen battleaxe +2 with surprising prowess.[2]


Enthralled by Quthnorak, Gok'llak was completely subservient to the mind flayer, to the point that he would battle to the death to defend his master.[1]


In 1372 DR, Gok'llak was the exclusive slave of the mind flayer psion Quthnorak. The illithid considered the grimlock to be a notably fine specimen and more than a match for the thralls of his rival, Sekrr.[1]




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