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The Golden Blades were swords crafted during the Shou Dynasty of Might.[1]


The first emperor of the Li Dynasty ordered nine magical swords crafted for each of his generals and ordered them to conquer the world. Each blade was crafted to match the talents of its wielder. Over time, the swords were scattered and many were lost to history. Legend had it that the person who reunited the swords would usher in a new dynasty.

As of 1479 DR, one of the swords was in the possession of Duc-Sum Li, regent of the Xiousing district in Marsember.[1]


The sword held by Duc-Sum enhanced the wielder's athletic ability and had the ability to turn aside an opponent's attack. The power of the sword varied with the skill of the wielder, with high-level swordsmen gaining a +3 bonus.[1]

Known SwordsEdit

The Nine Golden Swords in Xiousing possessed three of the blades. Duc-Sum's sword was the only other known to exist as of 1479 DR.[1]



  • The Golden Blades may have been the origin of the name of the Shou gang the Nine Golden Swords.


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