The Golden Hands of Vergadain were a dwarven order of priests and thieves who followed the god Vergadain, the Merchant King. They tasked themselves with defending a variety of dwarven interests throughout Faerûn. They were active in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


The order was made of dwarf followers of Vergadain. They were mostly rogues, with the rest hurndor (specialty priests) and fighting clerics.[1][2]

When in a city, the Golden Hands were arranged very much like a thieves' guild, and employed mostly rogues. However, those on the road behaved like wandering mercenary companies and comprised mostly priests.[1]

Base of OperationsEdit

Widely distributed across Faerûn, the Golden Hands were located in most major cities where dwarves dwelt or did business. They were also found along major trade routes that dwarves made use of.[1]


Members of the Golden Hands performed many tasks such as defending dwarven trade routes from brigands or monsters, ransoming dwarven hostages, and even raiding locations known to possess stolen dwarven goods. Critics accused them of mere thievery, but their goal was to protect dwarves and recover dwarven property taken through theft or fraud.[1][2]

They took just a small percentage of the recovered wealth in exchange for their services.[1]



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