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Golden Sands Brews encompassed several different lagers from Calimshan. They were only available from vendors in Waterdeep and Baldur's Gate and were also sold through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1]


The different types of Golden Sands brews are listed below:[1]

  • Golden Sands Basic – The purest form of the Golden Sands lagers, this brew did not contain any additional flavorings. It had a light yellow coloration.
  • Golden Sands Gold – This lager contained flavor from select cacti and nettles, adding a distinctly sharp taste to the drink. It had a deep golden color.
  • Golden Sands Orange – Orange and currant were used to flavor this lager, giving it a slightly acidic aftertaste. This lager was the sweetest of the Golden Sands brews.


All of the Golden Sands Brews could be purchased in the following containers:[1]

  • Hand keg (2 sp)
  • Cask (1 gp)
  • Barrel (25 sp)
  • Butt (8 gp)
  • Tun (16 gp)




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