Who among you dares to challenge the high seas?

Inspired by the tales of Sinbad, Golden Voyages provides the source material and adventures needed to run a mini-campaign on the Crowded Sea. Detailed backgrounds, perilous locations, and wondrous NPCs populate the enchanted seas. Player characters will discover wildly different adventures as they sail from place to place.

Golden Voyages includes: six booklets filled with mini-adventures, an overall framing adventure, expanded rules on ships and sailing, details and background concerning topography, tribes, and new locations, and plenty of maps and player handouts; Monstrous Compendium pages detailing new monsters; a custom DM screen for use in all AL-QADIM games; and a poster map of the Crowded Sea.

Recommended for use with the Arabian Adventures rulebook.


Home Port: Wherein the Tale BeginsEdit

A 32-page book. Includes an outline of the Golden Voyages campaign, the framing story encounters (beginning in the Pearl Cities), descriptions of the possible Great Treasure (the object of the adventure), expanded rules on ships and sailing, and background on the ways of Zakharan sailors. The last part of this booklet contains additional rules and background.


Blade of MasteryBook of LoreThe Crab God's ShellEarring of Prince MamoonJudgment of Abd HikmatOracle of the HakimaSeal of FateSpear of the Wandering LegionUmar al-Rubban's SuwarVoice of the Great Lion


Diyab al-JaradiFayizHusam Ibn Aasim al-ZalimKerimMauj • Sultan Yusef bin Ahamad al-Wadi
Referenced only
Khalid al-Zayir

Crew positionsEdit



Festival of the Pearl


CompassCross staffDaftarKamalRahmani


AfyalCrowded SeaGolden GulfPearl Coast
GanaHuzuzIbn MutaminJumlatTajar


Referenced only
MaridReef giant


BaghlaBarijahBoom (ship)SambukZaruq
Referenced only


Referenced only
GeasMagic missileSundazzleWall of fire

The Crowded Sea: al-SartanEdit

A 16-page booklet. Describes the islands that form Jazayir al-Sartan. It includes descriptions of topography, tribes, and The Great and Dread God, an adventure set in these islands.

The Crowded Sea: Nada al-HazanEdit

A 16-page booklet. Covers the Nada al-Hazan (Strait of Sorrow) chain, including the trading port of Bandar al-Sa'adat. Two adventures, A Night in Town and The Isle of Sadness, are set in these islands.

The Crowded Sea: The Djinni's ClawsEdit

A 16-page booklet. Details the deadly archipelago known as the Djinni's Claws. Several small adventures, Servitude, Broken Talons, and Shark Food are set in these islands.

The Crowded Sea: The Steaming IslesEdit

A 16-page booklet about the fog-shrouded and volcanic Steaming Isles, and the perils and treasures found there. Praise be the Loregiver is set on these islands.

Map bookletEdit

A 16-page booklet containing maps used in the adventures, useful DM aids, deck plans, and player handouts for Golden Voyages.

Monstrous Compendium PagesEdit





  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.

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