Gombdalla was a powerful Red Wizards of Thay researcher in 1357 DR.[1]


Gombdalla had a fascination for wild exotic semi-humans as centaurs, trolls and satyrs. She had in her house in Pyarados the largest collection of exotic monsters in all Realms. She can be the Zulkir of Enchantment but like too much working on the field. However she despite Lauzoril and was plotting a way to eliminate him and finally became zulkir.[1]


Gombdalla was a powerful member of the School of Enchantment and many believe her the best candidate to become zulkir; however while she was too devoted to work on fields Lauzoril, a better schemer, become zulkir. After Gombdalla continued her research in demi-humans arriving to become one of the best expert on this matter in the Realms. Just before the 1357 DR she and his entourage went to Yuirwood to advance her studies, in hope to surpass Lauzoril one day.[1]


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