Battle-Chaplain Gordon Stakaria was the jaded veteran warrior-priest of the temple fortress of Swordpoint in the city of Archenbridge. He was the Swordmaster of the Shrine of Swords.[1]


Dedicated to the service of Tempus through the faithful worship of the soldiers of Archendale, Gordon had little time to waste on other faiths or even the devotees of Tempus who hailed from outside his homeland. He spent much of his time seeking a bold and strong woman as a mate, only to see many potential suitors slain tragically in battle.[1]


In return for healing, Gordon accepted prayers to Tempus along with tasks of hardiness and endurance. Among these were:

  • Climb a certain Arkhen peak in the middle of winter, while wielding only a dagger and wearing a suit of leather armor.
  • Find a wyvern lair, slay one of the beasts, and return its head as an offering to Tempus.[1]



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