Gort was a thief of the city of Tsurlagol in the Vast.


He was a professional thief, and known to operate as a "retriever of lost items" for a hefty fee. He was notorious for his daring and brazen crimes.


Gort somehow got his hands on Ellendrin, "the Weeping Blade". Ellendrin was once one of the magic swords of the Royal Guard of King Imphras I and King Imbrar I of Impiltur, but had been thought lost since 1127 DR.

In the Year of the Behir, 1342 DR, Gort visited the sage Othiiyr Velthrann of Tsurlagol, a noted expert on the Royal Guard's swords. Othiiyr identified Ellendrin and offered to buy it, but Gort refused, hinting that a contact in the Moonsea had already contracted him to retrieve it, and that he was leaving for their immediately. Gort left Othiiyr's house and that was the last anyone admitted seeing him, his loot, and Ellendrin again.[1]


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