Gothwan Cooper was a male thief member of the Nashers in Neverwinter.[1]


In 1479 DR, taking advantage of the chaos resulting from the undead assault on Neverwinter, led by Valindra Shadowmantle, Gothwan and his friend Honor Reigh, under orders from the Nasher leader Karzov, sneaked inside the Hall of Justice and stole the Crown of Neverwinter. Unfortunately, some time later, the Dead Rats gang kidnapped Gothwan in order to bargain his life for the Crown, which they wanted for themselves. However, the Nashers' leaders had no interest in saving Gothwan's life.[1]

Luckily for him, an adventurer recruited by Sergeant Knox was searching for the Crown and in the process infiltrated the Dead Rats' hideout in order to interrogate Gothwan. Grateful for saving his life, Gothwan told the adventurer all he knew about the Crown.[1]



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