Goyat Nagumo was a general in Shou Lung.[1]


Goyat Nagumo was a young promising general, always promoted by the Minister of War Kwan Chan Sen.[2]

In 1358 DR, the Emperor sent him to Chu' Yuan province, that was troubled by mysterious assailants. General Goyat started the campaign but always the assailants eluded his troops. Even after establishing martial law in the province the insurrection no stopped so Goyat began to suspect that the centre of evil was the palace of the provincial Governor Kawabi.

Fearing to be unveiled Kawabi escaped after sending letters to the Emperor blaming Goyat. The armies of Kawabi and of Goyat Nagumo clashed near the city of Hui and the general defeated the governor. Kawabi however escaped and Goyat followed him, resolute to made him pay for his treason. The long pursuit and the many difficulties affronted made Goyat half-mad.

At last Goyat finally confronted and defeated for good Kawabi at Tempat Larang. Kawabi was executed but Goyat was corrupted by the dark spirit of the citadel and declaring himself a ronin sought to create a new empire with himself as it head. Goyat found the army of stone spirits that Kawabi wanted to use but discovered that only a blood relative of the Emperor can command them.

With help of the dark spirits, General Goyat managed to manipulate Kai Tsao Shou Chin into hiring some adventurers, among them a Emperor's blood relative, to found Goyat himself.[1] When the adventurers arrived in Tempat, Larang Goyat Nagumo engaged them using the powers granted to him from the dark spirits splitting into three different manifestations. After a fierce battle, Goyat was defeated and killed.[3] As security plan the Immortal Nung Chiang was ready to activated Mount Tengkorak to destroy the citadel.[4]



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